Our restaurant section can serve parties of up to 16 people! The restaurant itself can serve up to 70 people! Fresh food is prepared in the kitchen, which is right next to the tables.. Seating is also available on our patio, which can seat all together up to 15 people. Premium hookah is served on the patio as well.
Kids are welcome, Gillaneh Grill House is a family friendly restaurant.

Dance Hall

go up to 100 PEOPLE

Our Party Room/Dance Hall provides all of the services that our restaurant does, but also has a dance floor, and large DJ booth/stand. It is available for reservations, and live music nights.
Reservations can go up to 100 PEOPLE, and our famous cuisine will be catered right to the occasion.
Guests can still order hookah on the bottom patio, access to the Dance Hall/Party Room is through a separate door, not connected to the restaurant door.The Dance Hall will be used various nights of the month for DJ sets and Live music, contact us for schedules!